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Italy, Campania, Irpinia

Land of millennial traditions, cradle of peoples and civilizations, guardian of rare beauties and precious excellence, Italy is famous in the world especially for its agro-food and enogastronomic productions, which have always contributed to spread the knowledge of Made In Italy in the world. Each region is characterized by certain specificities, the result of the geography of the territories, the climate, the quality of the land, but also the often handicraft methods, which have remained unchanged in time and passed from generation to generation until today. Most of the peninsula is widespread on the cultivation of the vine, whether it is native or of ancient importation, so much so that it is now considered to be of Italian derivation in all respects. In Campania, the main types of lives present today were introduced by the Greeks, who moved their wealth of knowledge here by creating an economic, productive and social base still alive today. Their vines soon spread to what the Romans called, Campania Felix, and particularly in an internal geographical area, the Irpinia, which corresponds mostly to the present province of Avellino. The soil, the climate and the work of the irpina people have been able to transform the original Hellenic vines into plants whose fruits originate tasteful masterpieces, today awarded with the DOCG brand.

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The Azienda Vitivinicola "Salvatore Molettieri"

Since 1983, the company Salvatore Molettieri has made its way. Not only in Irpinia and Campania, but in Europe and the World. The name of the company, which identifies itself with its founder, is today synonymous with top-quality Aglianico and Taurasi wines, capable of supporting the toughest challenges with the largest wines on the international market.

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