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At Vinitaly Salvatore Molettieri and Marc De Grazia celebrate twenty years of collaboration

On the occasion of the 50th edition of Vinitaly in Verona, on Sunday 9th April, at the "Al Ponte" restaurant, Salvatore Molettieri and Marc De Grazia Selection, one of the largest importers of Italian wines, celebrate the twenty years of their collaboration that has enabled excellence Viticulture is irpina to be known all over the world. During a special dinner-invitational event, a vertical tasting of wines from the cellars Salvatore Molettieri and Terre Nere will be held.

There will be present at the initiative of industry journalists and importers of international relevance, including: Skurnik Wines, Summer Wines, Racines Co. Occasions not to be missed to discover the best of Terre d'Irpinia wines.

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The Azienda Vitivinicola "Salvatore Molettieri"

Since 1983, the company Salvatore Molettieri has made its way. Not only in Irpinia and Campania, but in Europe and the World. The name of the company, which identifies itself with its founder, is today synonymous with top-quality Aglianico and Taurasi wines, capable of supporting the toughest challenges with the largest wines on the international market.

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