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Molettieri: "The future is quality: without growth"

by Cristiano Vella

Molettieri is a sort of institution for wine: "I take care of my vines as I would do with a child".

The password is quality, and if you say one like Salvatore Molettieri there is to be believed. For the excellent wines that it produces and for its genuineness, of those who welcome you as in the family despite its wine has fallen in love, it seems, even people like Briatore.

It is a sort of Molettieri institution, much loved by the younger ones who come to the wine, just for its simplicity.

Its wines end up all over the world, 60% is in fact exported.
For Molettieri, the watchword is quality, and anyone to make wine in the inland areas has in mind the mission of enhancing the territory with excellent products is not a competitor, but it is welcome: "There is room for everyone. In Sannio, as we do aglianico, certainly in a different area: everything is in how we work. I believe that by focusing on quality, excellent results can be achieved: Aglianico is in Sannio, Aglianico is in Irpinia. Everything is to the producers. The competition is healthy and there is space on the market, provided that you do a job well done, the key is to make yourself known, in fact, based on quality, in Italy and in the world. In the vineyards, in the cellar, in the barrels: everything is played there. Everyone wants to eat and drink well and therefore offering good products is certainly a good place to invest ".

So, no business at all costs, no tricks, nothing that can undermine the name of the product and especially the territory: "The vineyard is like a child, the wine is like one day: if we care for a child carefully, the we give the necessary teachings, we feed it well then it will grow healthy, otherwise we will face problems and defects ".
With these bases Molettieri imagines a rosy future for the internal areas from the winemaking point of view: "I believe that the future can be important if we tend to simplify, enhancing the territory and therefore making it clear that our products, good, genuine, the result of a job that is attentive to meticulous and without sophistication is on a par, and often better than many others ".

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The Azienda Vitivinicola "Salvatore Molettieri"

Since 1983, the company Salvatore Molettieri has made its way. Not only in Irpinia and Campania, but in Europe and the World. The name of the company, which identifies itself with its founder, is today synonymous with top-quality Aglianico and Taurasi wines, capable of supporting the toughest challenges with the largest wines on the international market.

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