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Salvatore Molettieri

Salvatore Molettieri is the Giant of Montemarano's Aglianico. Its Aglianico boasts a robust flavour, today unknown by Irpinian great wines, but which allows its Taurasi a long life and even after many years, it shows a character that few wines possess. A character that immediately refers to Salvatore, the determined vintner whose feet and heart are firmly rooted in his territory; Montemarano. Son of the most genuine rural tradition, Salvatore has preserved the idea of land as a value, making his vineyards a masterpiece of experience and innovation. Gentleman by nature, he has instilled his strong and kind soul in his production, creating wines which one can only love.



Salvatore Molettieri proposes a selection of the finest wines made by the winery in Montemarano, choosing among the most praised ones nationally and internationally.

Wine is not just a drink, but a living creature which tells stories about lands and work. A good wine speaks throught its own colours, scents, fragrances, the flavour and sapidity can give you unique sensations. Oenological guidebooks and the most famous magazines in the field boast partners who listen the voice of Bacco's nectar. From I Vini di Veronelli to Gambero Rosso Slow Food Editore, from I Vini Buoni d'Italia to I Vini Buoni d'Italia de L'Espresso e del Gambero Rosso, until the japanese magazine Winart, the wines listed here have been awarded with prestigious prizes.

It is a privilege to have the chance to drink them (some of them are still in the winery).

For over 30 years, great wines of Irpinia.

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The Azienda Vitivinicola "Salvatore Molettieri"

Since 1983, the company Salvatore Molettieri has made its way. Not only in Irpinia and Campania, but in Europe and the World. The name of the company, which identifies itself with its founder, is today synonymous with top-quality Aglianico and Taurasi wines, capable of supporting the toughest challenges with the largest wines on the international market.

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